NOTICE — Family Foods Grocery Outlet®

Regular & Salvage Stock Sold Here:

We DO NOT sell products with Best By dates as our sole discretion. Instead, We sell Quality Controlled products known to have an extended shelf life beyond that of which is suggested by manufacturers. We sell these products at a huge savings!

Although, we try to explain the misconception surrounding best by dates to every customer; due to time restraints, We can only hope our potential customers use common sense which will allow them to garner the opportunity to save money on the items we sell.

Owner Mike Pierre is one of the top handlers in the Country for discounted groceries. Know when your shopping with Family Foods Grocery Outlet®, you’re also shopping with the best in the business. 99.9% of the products offered at Family Foods Grocery Outlet® are proven to have sustainable shelf life of 6+ months beyond that of which is suggested.(That means expect the same quality taste 6+ months beyond what’s suggested)

Call ANY manufacturer about consuming their products after the Best by date has passed and you will receive the same answer time and time again which is “The date we use is just a suggestion and consumers should use their own judgement”. “However, the product is still safe and wholesome to consume”. The USDA also makes this clear on their website which can be seen here:…/19013c…/Food-Product-Dating.pdf…

Try us sooner than later! You’ll be hooked! (Also, disappointed that you didn’t try us sooner:-)

Mike Pierre, Owner
Family Foods Grocery Outlet®

P.S. God Bless!